Leadership Team

Dr. Andreas Walther
Founder & Chairman of WeltBeweger
Specialist for anesthesiology

Tanja Walther
Founder & Vice Chairwoman of WeltBeweger
Primary School Teacher

Carsten Nafziger

Tax Advisor

Project Manager

Jessica Dheskali

Project Manager of WeltBeweger

Sulus Samwel

Project Manager of WorldChanger Vision

Our Team Leaders

Andreas and Angelika Steinert

Alexander and Christin Mevius
WorldChanger Sponsorship Program Love and Hope


Vincenzo and Jessica Dheskali
WorldChanger Safari


Hanna Tiesies
See the Unseen- Visiting Service in the Red Light Milieu

Holger Hoppe
Construction Management Tansania

Uwe Zeulner
Hiking weeks for People with Responsibilities

The History of WeltBeweger

As former children of the German Democratic Republic, Andreas and Tanja Walther did not have any connection to God. In search of the meaning of their lives, they got to know Jesus Christ during their studies. Touched by the love of God, their world was fundamentally changed. From this time on they burned for taking other people into this adventure with God.

While working full-time as a doctor and a teacher, they were also actively engaged in a Christian Youth Club in Chemnitz for many years. There, their hearts beat especially for teenagers and young people in need. Their home was often like an emergency shelter. For example, for several months they hosted a former drug-addicted young woman who had just been released from prison. She came to believe in God through the loving care of these two people. Today, this woman is married, has 5 wonderful children and is in love with Jesus.

Tanja and Andreas especially value and represent the triad of mission - discipleship - compassion. Therein you particularly feel that they often bring the love of God to the people in a practical and simple way. In the year 2015, they were challenged to travel to Tanzania to help in a Medical Center. This mission completely changed their lives. It was to be the birth of WeltBeweger and WorldChanger.

In the little African village Mugumu near the Serengeti, they lost their hearts. A dirty little girl came running out of a hut and immediately hugged Tanja. It was little Victoria. Her big smile and her cheerful nature captured Tanja's and Andreas' hearts. Her mother watched what was happening. After a while she came out of the hut as well, with even more children and pressed her baby in Tanja’s arm with the request to take it to Germany.

After a while, they found out that this single mother takes care of eight children and every day is a struggle for survival. Education for the children is out of question.

Andreas and Tanja were deeply moved and could not stop thinking about little Victoria and her future. Could it be that behind this encounter there was a call from God to Africa?

A few days later they met little Victoria for the second time. They were reminded of what the name means: "The victory". Until now, nothing in the life of little Victoria indicates a victory. For that to happen, many things would have to change. But how shall this work?

Andreas and Tanja knew: God wants to help Victoria. HE can change the world of this little African girl and give her a chance for a better future. And therefore, he normally needs people like you and me.

And suddenly the call of God was there! Unmistakable!

There are many "Victorias" in Tanzania. God also wants to touch the other suffering, poor and sick people and change their world to a victorious life. The vision of WeltBeweger/ WorldChanger was born.

Back in Germany, Andreas and Tanja shared what they had experienced with some friends and what God put into their hearts. In the same year, at the end of 2015, they founded the association WeltBeweger in Germany together. Andreas and Tanja feel that this call of God is a life-task. They are ready to go the long way together with their new African friends. However, they are aware that this requires many people who wholeheartedly follow the calling as WorldChangers.

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