About Us

WeltBeweger is an interchurch mission work, which emerged from an initiative of christs from various communities, who want to install christian values in occupation and society.

Following the example of Jesus, the work is basend on three particular focal points:

Mission, Discipleship and Compassion.

Our Vision

"Our Vision is, that single people get changed by the love of god, and the kingdom of god spreads in occupation and society thereby."


  • We live our christian faith at work and encourage and strenghten other christs, to do the same.
    • At work almost every christ is together with colleagues, who do not know god.
      What if christians would use this chance to show them there, how god is?
    • As christians we want to be "light and salt" at our workspace. And we know, that love is the strongest force in the universe.
  • We are comitted for our neighbor and take the love of god to places, where people need it urgently.
    • Our neighbors are the people in our direct envoronment or city.
    • At that, we want to be free of prejustice and appreciating and accept and love people in their current situation.
  • We build up a christian funding project in Tanzania.
    • Gods kingdom spreads worldwide and we want to learn from other christians from other nations and encourage and train each other.

Our Implementation

  1. Seminaries, Presentations and more ...
    We strenghten christians at work e.g. through seminaries, networking, personal entourage and prayers.
  2. Smallgroups, Workshops, Mentoring, ...
    We strenghten and encourage each other e.g. in familiar smallgroups and want to deepen our faith.
  3. Funding projects in germany and abroad ...
    We are comitted actively in different parts of society,
    e.g. visit service in prison, but also international, like in Tanzania.

The Team

Dr. Andreas Walther


1st Chairman


Florian Hößler

Male nurse






Thanks to some more hard working assistants ...



Tanja Walther

Teacher for elementary school

2nd Chairman


Uwe Zeulner




Theresa Seifert

Student (Psychology)



Carsten Nafziger

Tax consultant



Lydia Hößler



Tobias Richter




Our History

Already years ago, the founders couple Andreas and Tanja Walther experienced, how people and circumstances on their workspace got influenced positively through the love of god.

During her teacher activity on elementary school, Tanja was able to pray with numerous colleagues, parents and children. On that way, some found to Jesus.

While working as an anaestheologist, Andreas experiences, how not only the medical staff is changed, encouraged and healed by the power and love of god, but also patients and whole units. Some colleagues and patients opened themselfes for god thereby.


In the early summer of 2015 Andreas and Tanja felt, they should found a society, that combines mission, discipleship and compassion, like it was demonstrated by Jesus. By a divine impulse they quickly found the name "Weltbeweger"(engl. WorldMover or WorldChanger), also the logo and lettering. Since then, Andreas and Tanja have this vision in their heart, let it grow a pray for it. When they told friends of their idea, they became excited and wanted to participate the vision.


In fall 2015, the preparations for the society founding stared (e.g. working out a statute, verification by the tax office, desining of logo and lettering…).

Finally the friends met on December 14.2015 at the restaurant "Schlossvorwerk", to found the society WeltBeweger Deutschland e.V..

This restaurant is located close to an old benedictinian monastaire, so near to the origin of Chemnitz city and its christian roots.




Our Logo

Red Colour - Jesus came to earth, to give us his love. It is the colour of the love and blood of Jesus.

Green Colour - His love changed our hearts, gave us new hope and sets us in motion.

Blue Colour – Blue illustrates the worship and glory of god, as well as the future.
We bring the love of god into the world and help other people in their needs. For them it is one step to a better future, for us it is a way, to honour god.