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In the summer of 2015, Andreas and Tanja Walther went on a medical mission to Tanzania. However, it was God's plan that it should not just remain a simple medical mission. Through the encounter with the local people, God opened their hearts and a new idea was born: WorldChangerVision.

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Our Vision

With WorldChangerVision, help focuses primarily on the support and education of orphans, children in need and young people.

It is our dream that through sufficient education and care, they will be able to support themselves in life and in the long run, positively influence and change their country Tanzania.

Vision Principle

"Through God's love, the hearts of people shall be changed and moved, as well as the city of Mugumu/Serengeti to the Mara region."

Love God. Love Others. Change the World.

Our Leadership Team

The foundation of the ministry "WorldChangerVision" is a group of (mostly young) Christians. They are part of a community, meet regularly and live in spiritual friendship. They pray for the children and youth of Mugumu and get to know Jesus better. The main leader is Pastor James Magashi (AIC), along with a dedicated leadership team. There are currently about 15-20 local volunteers serving the WCV team.


Leadership Team of WorldChangerVision
(f.l.t.r.: Dr. Andreas Walther, Tanja Walther, Pastor James Magashi, Dr. Peter Feleshi, Sulus Samwel)

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