Talks & Coaching

We regularly offer lectures about WeltBeweger and other topics for anyone who is interested. We are also often invited to visit churches, other associations or companies. We are also happy to come to you! Just contact us or send us an e-mail.

Furthermore, we often offer evenings for entrepreneurs and people in positions with responsibility. Many people with responsibility really appreciate this exchange.


Freitag | | Tuffner Möbelgalarie, Oberdeck

Unternehmer für Unternehmer

Vortrag und Austausch mit Dieter Leicht

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Currently there are no events.

Freitag | | Hamburg

Afrika-Vortrag beim Kaminabend in Hamburg

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Sonntag | | Erich-Mühsam-Str. 48, 08062 Zwickau


Mission heute- Gottes Liebe für die Welt

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