Vocational Training College

Many young people live in Tanzania. They are talented, creative and full of ideas. But most of them do not have any occupational prospects. Many young women end up in prostitution or become work slaves. We would like to change this and help these women.

We are currently building a vocational training college in Mugumu to be able to offer various professions there, e.g. training in the technical field.

At the moment, we are offering training as a sewer in order to give especially young women from poor backgrounds the chance of a better future. In addition to the main subject of sewing, we also teach them other subjects such as basic life skills (hygiene, how to solve conflicts, how to deal with finances, how to start a business, etc.), English, computer courses and biblical principles.

We want to support the skills and gifts that God has given these young people.

In the end, they will be able to earn their own money with their sewing machine.

Would you like to become a student sponsor?

For this reason, we have launched a sponsorship program for our vocational school students, similar to the sponsorship program of our KingsKids.

A monthly amount of €45 is required for the students' education.

The money is primarily used for teaching materials, meals and a share of the teachers' salaries.
The training - and therefore also the financial support - would last approximately one year. If not all of the training content could be taught during this time, the training may take a few months longer.

A donation receipt will of course be issued for the donations in the following year.

If you have any questions about the sponsorship program, please contact Alexander and Christin Mevius: ­