The very first First Aid Clinic in Mugumu is being built


Goal: To improve primary health care in the Serengeti District

Medical care in Mugumu is very poor and up to now, you cannot find any emergency medical care in the entire Serengeti District!

We have decided to improve medical care in this region. Together with our partners from ResortDoc, we are building a first aid clinic in Mugumu. Well equipped with a shock room, ventilator, laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, ECG, etc., we are setting a new medical standard in the entire region. Many lives shall be saved and suffering alleviated.

Of course, our orphans and students will also benefit from this. Our plan: in 2023 we will expand and extend the premises and in spring 2024, we will open the first aid clinic.


While we are carrying out the final construction work on the facilities in Mugumu, we sent the first container on its journey in Germany in the fall. We are sending a number of medical devices such as X-rays, ultrasound, ventilators, laboratory equipment etc. to Tanzania in this container.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our helpers. Please pray that all the equipment arrives safely and in good condition.

Transfer of knowledge

Starting in 2024, German doctors and nurses with experience in ambulance services, operating rooms or ITS can volunteer in our First Aid Clinic. Accommodation and meals are paid for by WeltBeweger, while everyone pays for their own transportation and flights. We hope that this will lead to a " transfer of knowledge" through which the Tanzanian team (doctors and nurses) will become better and better. Black and White - a dream team. Together they are bringing about a significant improvement in emergency medical care for the population in Mugumu and the region.

So far, we already have some German doctors who are volunteering to cover emergency care at the First Aid Clinic in Mugumu for 2-3 weeks in 2024. In the period from June to September 2024, there are still some free slots that can still be covered by the German doctors. If a German doctor with experience in the emergency services or in ITS would like to help out at the First Aid Clinic in Mugumu, please contact us via mail.

We are very grateful for the good cooperation with ResortDoc, who makes the First Aid Clinic possible by providing a lot of devices and their know-how.

Herbal Clinic
Cultivation of Artemisia

Malaria and other diseases are still a major problem, especially for people in need. Malaria is still the most common cause of death in Tanzania, killing an average of 60,000 people every year.

When God created plants, he gave some plants a lot of healing power. We use this power to prevent and cure malaria and other diseases. Our team has planted a field and produces natural medicines with Artemisia annua and other plants. We give it to the people in need for free and also sell it to others. We have also opened a herbal clinic in Mugumu to examine patients in need, advise them and help them with natural medicine.