Christians in the Healthcare Sector

Christians in the Healthcare Sector (Christen im Gesundheitswesen) is a nationwide, interdenominational network of healthcare workers: Nurses, doctors, therapists, counsellors, social workers, management and administrative employees, and other health care professionals. 

Our goals


to encourage each other to live our faith at work


to revitalize biblical values in the healthcare sector


to make the healing love of Jesus Christ tangible to patients and colleagues


to fulfill the biblical mission of diaconia/charity and healing ministry in our country in unity with churches and communities

Regional group of

Christians in the Healthcare Sector in Chemnitz (CiG) is a regional group of the nationwide and interdenominational work of Christians in the Healthcare Sector. Its goal is to offer employees of different professional groups in the health care sector the opportunity to exchange experiences and to discuss job-related topics based of the Christian faith. In accordance with a Christian view of the world and humanity, the concept of Christian art of healing is to be shaped together and implemented in everyday nursing and therapeutic work. The common prayer together for the health care sector is an important basis for their work. CIG Chemnitz is affiliated with Missionsring Chemnitz (, as well as with WeltBeweger Deutschland e.V. 


Contact information

If you want to receive news about events and seminars via Email, please send a message with your name to the following address: cig-chemnitz(at)



Currently there are no events.

Past Events & News

Sonntag | | Katholische Gemeinde St. Franziskus Chemnitz, An der Kolonie 8i, 09122 Chemnitz

Christen im Gesundheitswesen


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